SSH Public Key Authentication

Tonight I disabled password authentication entirely for ssh.
If you haven’t set up public key authentication yet feel free to contact me or possibly read a how-to:

Like this one.

This security setting was a long time coming I’ve gotten rather tired of going through all the “script kiddie” failed login attempts.
I apologize if this makes this a bit more inconvenient for anyone but security does / has to come first after all.

That’s all for now.

I also now implemented Google Two Step Authentication for logins if you prefer to not use public key authentication.
Though you will have to do a public key to first generate the key.
So upload your key and then when you login run “google-authenticator”.
The URL it generates you can paste into a browser which will then display a QR code to scan with your mobile device.
You shouldn’t have to adjust for time skew as I keep the clock pretty current with NTP syncs.