Hardware History

We humbly started out on a 266mhz Pentium 2 with 384MB of ram and a 8GB hard drive. It was a Sony Vaio Desktop running Debian Sid modified. The machine looked like something out of Frankenstein’s lab as the case was beat up and we were just learning the importance of what makes a good server.

Several years later we upgraded the machine entirely to a AMD Athlon 1200 with 768MB of ram and a 40GB hard drive. Dropped it also into a new case and it served us well for a couple of years. Till it overheated anyway.

Then we ran a AMD Sempron 2300+ machine with 512MB of DDR 2100 with around 120GB of hard drive space. (We also put it in a new Antec SoHo case.)

Then we ran a AMD Athlon XP 3200+ machine with 1,024MB of DDR with around 155GB of hard drive space (we keep making raids and LVMS). (Till the memory controller started having issues.)

We were running a AMD Athlon64 FX-55 machine with 4,096MB of DDR-400 Dual Channel with a 1000 WATT Enermax Power Suppy with a RAID1 of two 640GB drives for the main, 160GB for koji-studios.com (They are SATA2 drives), and perhaps some more shortly… (It is also in a new server grade case with a lot of fans.)

(09/15/2009) Now we we use a Intel Core 2 Quad Core with 4GB of RAM with the same stats as above (though new drives are on the way) (Thanks to Ryan for the new hardware!)

(02/01/2012) Dropped in an additional 2GB of ram taking us up to 6GB of total RAM. Also dropped in 2 1TB drives and set them in RAID1. Will be setting up automatic backups to that shortly.

(11/20/2015) Migration to a new server. Specs will be posted later.

(11/25/2015) New server specs: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31220, 12GB RAM, 1TB storage RAID1

Oh and we still use Debian to this day!